Campaign Issues



Water is our greatest and most vital resource, from the health of our residents to tourism along the Hudson River. I believe we must do everything in our power to protect our waterways and ensure clean, healthy drinking water for our community. This includes but is not limited to prioritizing Home Rule for our watershed while still working closely with surrounding municipalities, supporting volunteer work, fundraising, lobbying efforts, and when needed, FOIL requests and/or litigation.

Similar to the way New York City controls its watershed, I would like to see the City of Newburgh exert as much control as possible over our precious resource. Where it does not jeopardize current litigation or give any person or company a financial advantage, I demand 100% transparency on all government documents related to our water and that these be purposefully shared with the public. 


The foundation of every city is its infrastructure.  We need to ensure that our water is clean and available to every resident. We need to increase our recycling efforts, along with bulk trash pick up.  We need to ensure that our roads are paved on a systematic basis. Well-kept infrastructure will be the foundation for Newburgh's continued growth as the jewel of the Hudson Valley.  

Housing & Development

I believe housing is a human right and that with good planning, the City of Newburgh can pursue an inclusive housing policy that meets the needs of all residents, as well as other concerns such as restoring abandoned properties to preserve Newburgh’s unique historical architecture and getting more properties on the city tax roll to help address the city's critical finance situation. 

My goal is to avoid problems that other cities have run into such as clustered and neglected low income housing as well as rampant high end development that pushes out lower income folks and long-time city residents

A successful Newburgh will be an inclusive Newburgh. More and more recent studies show that the most efficient way to economic and housing stability is through inclusive housing policies and economically diverse development plans. 

By bringing all of Newburgh’s communities together, we can solve Newburgh’s housing challenges and by extension, meet all of the challenges facing our city today. 

Parking and Transportation

Transportation is an issue that effects almost all Newburgh residents. I believe we need equal access and support to all modes of transportation, whether walking, driving, public transit, biking or anything else. A Complete Streets approach transportation will allow us to have an integrated and efficient transportation strategy. 

The vital importance of transportation and parking to a healthy growing city is why I have personally worked to reconstitute the Newburgh City Parking and Transportation Committee. A collaborative effort between residents and city officials, the Committee will work to develop a living guideline that is residential, business, and visitor friendly, with specific, measurable, attainable, and time-bound goals. 

If you have any questions about this issue or the Committee, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

I believe small business are the lifeblood of Newburgh. Some of the older buildings here were places where the shop owner lived upstairs from the business.  Small businesses are what makes a city unique, and attracts visitors.  Many small business owners live here in the city, raising their family, and supporting other small businesses.  Here you will find resources to support small businesses.

Family Friendly Events 

As a family man, I know the importance of having local family friendly events. Spending time as a family together at family events helps develop social skills, and can help with well-being.

Community Service

Community Service is a wonderful way to support neighbors, build connections, and improve our city.